What did I do Today?

Finally Friday…..


Today I cam to class early since my class at the High School wasn’t doing anything. So I got here around 1:50, This gave me time to finish August, June and July’s calendar pages! I think they turned out very well!

Here is August:



I found the photo of the sunflower on google, I then took a lace picture that was orginally white and I used the burn tool to make it dark! I then change the opacity so that the images would blend together. Then both of the texts have the outer and inner glow effect! With a yellow border I made by using the shapes tool and cutting out the center.

Here is June:



In this photo the originals are a photo of a beach, and a photo of the black rock (I’ve actually seen this in person. It’s on Maui in Kannopali!) and I change the opacity to blend them together. I then darkened the rock image so that the text would show up better! Then the text has the outer and inner glow to match the font color!

Here is July:



This image had an ocean and then the top image is a tumblr photo! I just change the fill to gain this effect, and added the text!

I officially have 6 months left! January – May!


Happy Friday!


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